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SCEP v1.0 For 3.40 OE USB For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 04-23-2007

In FW 3.40 OE-A works Fine, step by step easy. Works Full in TA-082 and TA-086.

PS. Drivers USB less TA-081 not work whit TA-082+

1. Copy the files from the rebuilt archive I uploaded to the root of your memory stick
2. In "game.txt" paste "ms0:/seplugins/scx_mg.prx" and "ms0:/seplugins/scm.prx"
3. In "vsh.txt" paste "ms0:/seplugins/scx.prx"
4. Boot PSP to recovery mode
5. Enable SCX, SCX_MG, and SCM in the plugins menu
6. Start up USBHosts (if using PSPHost Click "enable USB" option)
7. Start your PSP and go to Settings -> Video Settings (this is preventative to keep the PSP from crashing)
8. hit your hot key and load a game

Number of ISO/CSO files on ISO folder on your PC is large. I Have over 50 ISO/CSO files into directory, and works fine. Thanks for all.