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PSP Hotpot BETA 4b

Uploaded by CJPC - 08-06-2005

Qrias has released a new version of PSP Hotpot. Hotpot was developed to sync iTunes songs, movies and images to your PSP. It will convert and compress the quality of the files before they are transfered and also includes a quota to let you know how many files at a certain quality and size can fit on your memory stick.

Note that if you plan to use PSP Hotpot on other USB storage devices, make sure you use only USB 2.0 high speed devices (like PSP). USB 2.0 full speed devices are really just USB 1.1 with a name change.

If you use USB 2.0 full speed (USB 1.1) storage devices on modern USB high speed ports, you may encounter one or more of the following errors in Windows:
* Delayed Write Failed
* Error 23. Data error (CRC Check Failed)
* Error 1117. Unknown disk error

These errors can occur when you copy/move files in any applications, including Explorer. You may lose valuable data as a result.

So please choose your USB storage device to keep up with your USB port speed. For instance, using USB 2.0 full speed (USB 1.1) or USB 2.0 high speed devices on USB 2.0 full speed (USB 1.1) port is OK.

If you're using Hotpot with PSP on your USB 2.0 full speed port, then you're covered. 8^)