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PS3Portal v1.0 For PS3

Uploaded by PS4 News - 03-24-2007

This is a PC-to-PlayStation 3 file management application. This program works with the PSP too.


- Web access to PC files via PSP/PS3
- Access all the files on your PC and network on your PSP and PS3's browser
- Stylish Vista styled interface
- Displays only file types supported by the PS3 and PSP
- Displays thumbnails for photos
- Access via WAN or WLAN and even via the Web and WiFi Hotspots
- Small install (1.3MB) and easy to remove
- Secure
- Upload from your PSP and PS3 to your PC/Network
- Highly customizable
- Bandwidth control


Windows 98.98SE/ME/2K/XP/Vista, and a LAN or WLAN connection to the PS3 or PSP.