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.PSS Downsampling Tool v1.01

Uploaded by CJPC - 08-05-2005

By the very talented Sonix, the idea behind this tool was to make downsampling of PSS files easier and quicker. The tool uses PSS Plex (built-in) and uses the ReJig engine. It is basically a simple interface for these tools.

To use, simply drag and drop your PSS files into the tool window, select the downsample rate, choose (if applicable) which audio stream to include in the modified PSS file and press the Go button. The tool will demulitplex, downsample, and re-multiplex each file in the job list.

Updates include: fixed one or two minor bugs. I've also included the file ACTIVESKIN.OCX in the rar file. If you need it, place it in your Windows\System32\ folder.