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Yet Another PSP Toolkit v1.5 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 03-14-2007

WeeJeWel has updated Yet Another PSP Toolkit (YAPT) to version 1.5. What this homebrew application does, YAPT is a PC-based multi-role toolkit that allows for extensive customization of your PSP. This application allows users to pull off tasks such as ISO compression, PSX compression (with full XMB preview), and XMB customization (e.g. custom icons and stuff).


- Popstrip added - Decompress PSX EBOOTs
- Theme swapper added, 3 styles available
- YAPT is movable! I finally managed to add alpha transparency!
- Added huge text for 3.10 OE users that the custom icons wonít work
- Save/Open dialogs added to font/topmenu outputs
- keys.bin didnít copy well to the output directory. Itís fixed now.
- New song on the about page!
- It recognizes PRX files, so PRX Manager isnít needed anymore
- Plugins page had a huge makeover. You can copy files, install, or just one of them etc
- Form is a bit transparent if you move/deactivate it
- Many bugfixes, slight changes etc that are not important to list here

And even more, but I forgot that because it was a while ago :P