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CWCheat v0.1.7 (Official) For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 03-08-2007


Here it is another version of cwcheat. I decided to finally go on with the version number as there were a lot of changes since the last 0.1.6 version. So as for the new version since the latest REVISION I we have an fps counter which shows the current frames rendered by the game.

A complete rewrite of the functions reading the database: now those nasty problems with the db loading should be fixed and there isn't a teorical limit on his size.

Finally for more little thing there was a bug in the last version about codeline adding which is now fixed and some other fixes here and there


-it's now possible to show the frame per second which are being rendered on screen by the game this can be enabled/disabled from the configuration menu (thanks to coldbird because he found the function which was hooked to make this possible) [ALL]
-the db reader was rewritten from scratch this should fix the problems which involved the db loading and let you load db without file size limit (tested with a 3,2MB db)[ALL]
-corrected a bug while adding a new codeline (some lines were zeroed) [ALL]
-corrected a bug with the db saving [ALL]
-various other fixes
-added a spanish translation by SiTWulf