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DevHook Firmware Installer v0.6f For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 03-05-2007

Originally by tommydanger, Sleepy566 has updated DevHook Firmware Installer v0.6f. In the previous version, he mentioned that the application could install 3.11. However, the coder noticed that there were a couple of few missing code lines that allow full support for 3.11. That is now fixed, and this program should run on all PSP firmware now!

Remember that you need to have the latest version DevHook installed to run this installer. Once you have that, extract everything in the archive file to the root of your memory stick. The changelog for DevHook Firmware Installer v0.6f is:

v0.6f: Added full support for 3.11 (Didnít realize it was missing) and Minor bug fixes

If you don't know how to use this program, here's how (fail-proof):

1) Have the latest DevHook installed (0.52.0100 -> Make sure it's installed properly!)
2) Download the firmware that you want to decrypt (Probably 3.11)
3) Put the firmware EBOOT in the root of your memory stick (ms0:/)
4) Run program
5) Enjoy your DevHook!

It really is that simple.

NOTE: You can only run the firmware that your current DevHook supports. This currently works best on the latest DevHooks (0.52/0.52.0100).