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Flash Agent F5 For 3.03 And 3.10 OE For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 03-05-2007

Now with public WiFi BETA Test!

Changelog F5:

1. Possibility to flash/recover savedata_plugin.rco
2. Possibility to flash/recover photo_plugin.rco
3. Possibility to flash/recover premo_plugin.rco
4. File check, checks extelnsion is for file (security)
5. Auto recheck flash0 space after flash (security)
6. Checks memory stick space before firmware dump (security)
7. Possibility to see free memory stick space under file browser
8. Possibility to delete only the gb3s1518.bwfon (should fix monster hunter problems)
9. Public ad-hoc files BETA Test (I can't know it works, so if you want to test it, no break change)

Flash agent is here again, the first flash app that has ever a file browser to select the file and automatic flashed it to the good place, now with big security upgrades but a break is always possible so USE AT OWN RISK!

Note: made for 3.03 OE and 3.10 OE


go to main menu and slect receive a file

go to file browser and select a fil with triangle and then press square


File Browser:

Cross = select file
Triangle = Information about file + possibility to remove file + size file
R1 or L1 = move faster
Select = copy file
Square = paste file
Up/Down= move
Circle = go directory up (while in ms0:/ = go to main menu)

Put your own instruction manual

Up/Down = change letter
Right/left=change position
cross= is finish

Other Menus:

Select = change CPU speed
Up/down = move
Cross = select
Circle = Go back

Supported Files

topmenu_plugin.rco = xmb menu (custom icons , menu names)
system_plugin_bg.rco=xmb wave effect
opening_plugin.rco =coldboot
system_plugin_fg.rco =custom battery pictures
gameboot.pmf= custom start up game screen
ltn0.pgf = custom font
file.bmp = custom background
impose_plugin.rco = custom volume bars
game_plugin.rco = game images while loading homebrew data (xmb menu)
system_plugin.rco = xmb click sound