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PSPBeeb (BBC Micro Emulator) v1.0.8 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 03-02-2007

Zx-81 is back with another update to his BBC Micro Emulator for the PSP. Includes two new commands to run games (*EXEC and *RUN), and a new video mode using the PSP GU for smoother rendering.


- Add two new commands to run games (*EXEC and *RUN).
- New file format for run.txt
- Add help menu
- New graphical functions with new smoother render modes.
It uses the PSP GPU for rendering, it does not run faster,
but it's a lot smoother.
- Save state dates are displayed in the emulator window
(it's now easier to identify and to load the right save state slot)
- Bug fix in Rom file requester