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PSPForce v0.20 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 03-01-2007


* A gamedatabase with infos, screenshots and covers for > 500 games
* Ability to scan and detect games on your hdd
* Customizing of rips that can be created of full isos on your hdd the data and languages you want to be included
* Translations for chs, de, fr, gr, nl, no, ru, se

* 50 MB free hdd space for PSPForce
* 3 GB free hdd space and some psp game backups if you want to create small rips of them with this tool
* A screen resolution of at least 1024*768
* Devhook installed on your psp or a psp with fw 2.71se-c or higher
* A Memory stick in your psp with at least 256 MB capacity