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PS3 SAK (Swiss Army Knife) v1.00

Uploaded by PS4 News - 02-26-2007

Well, this has been sitting idle for a while, still a few bugs, missing a few non-listed features, but works well.

It is an installable otheros.bld file, which runs a custom application on the PS3.


Web Interface (via HTTP) that lets you do all of the below featured!
Check Blu-Ray Disk size
Format internal PS3 HDD
Back-up iSO to internal PS3 HDD
Back-up iSO to external EXT3 HDD
Back-up iSO via wired network, to Windows Network Share
Explore HDD (Linux side), and download files to a PC.
Explore Blu-Ray Disks, and download files to a PC (with UDF 2.5 Support!)

Note: With SAK v1.00 you can now dump your PS3/Blu-Ray disc images without installing PS3 Linux, however, you must still format the PS3 HDD prior (as if you were going to install PS3 Linux) in order to install/use the OtherOS-- this is a $ony requirement unfortunately.

Not so "feature" features:

Reboot console
Reboot console to PS3OS
Poweroff console


Copy to /PS3/OTHEROS/ on a memory stick, CD-R etc, with the $ony otheros.self, and run "Install Other OS" from Settings > System Settings of the XMB. Then set default boot to OtherOS, reboot, and it will run!

PS3 Other OS Installer:

Menu Options:

1) Use EXT3 Formatted External HDD
2) Use FAT32 Formatted External HDD
3) Use Windows Network Share

4) Backup to PS3 HDD
5) Get Blu-Ray Disc Size

6) HTTP Server Information

F) Format PS3 HDD - EXT3 (OtherOS Partition)

E) Exit, Return to PS3OS
P) Exit, Poweroff Console
R) Exit, Reboot Console

Note: You must have the Caps Lock ON when selecting a letter, or hold Shift down. Also, if you let it sit on the menu screen idle it will give you a black screen (the screensaver built-in) after a few minutes so be aware of this.


FAT32 backup via Web is non-working atm (will in next rls, ran out of time to implement!)

To be Fixed:

NTFS write support, its enabled, but is totally broken, crashes the PS3 (so it's hidden)
"Whoops!" checks (to make sure the user isnt trying to back-up a Blu-Ray to the PS3 flash etc!)


When installing this, it removes any previous otheros.bld, possibly making linux refuse to boot, just reinstall your otheros.bld from linux distro, and your back in action!

There will be more to come (updates, new additions, patches etc), but I need user feedback, can't get every bug myself!