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PMP Mod AVC v1.02 M-J Subtitle Mod For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 02-22-2007

Madruscoe has updated his PMP Mod AVC. This program is for FW 1.5/OE users for playing AVC converted files with high quality and in full resolution. There are a lot of changes with v1.02 M-J, but probably the most important one is a bug fix related to freezing whenever the last (bottom) video is deleted. Long file names for videos can now be deleted, and the no PMP video screen has been fixed.

Madruscoe said that the thumbnails are .png files with 9654 px resolution. They can be created on a PC; they should be correctly named to work with PMP Mod AVC; should a .pos file is generated, .png will be overwritten by a new screenshot.


Analogue stick in filelist:

up/down = up/down
left = exit
right = play
Headphones/remote control in filelist:

forward = down
back = up
play/pause = play