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Flash Agent F3 For 3.03 And 3.10 OE For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 02-19-2007

Hallo007 has updated his PSP application, Flash Agent F3. It lets you clear up the flash chip, change your gameboot, or flash your default settings.

Changelog for Flash Agent F3:

- change your CPU speed where you want
- display bug fixes
- possibility to flash custom volume bars
- possibility to recovery volume bars
- if you free space is lower then 500kb it will ask for replace dummy files
- Recovery menu is like all the rest now
- new startup sound (as requested)
- possibility to copy/paste files
- graphics update
- complete rewritten source (possibility to make faster updates:P)
- fixed bug in put your own manual site (bug made in F2)
- It works on 3.03 OE and 3.10 OE firmware.

And be warned that since this flashes your PSP, it has potential of breaking your PSP.

Re: F3 and Wifi: just before this release, my beta tester (i dont have two PSPs) tells me it isnt working so see next version.

F3 Supported Files:

topmenu_plugin.rco = xmb menu (custom icons, menu names)
system_plugin_bg.rco=xmb wave effect
opening_plugin.rco =coldboot
system_plugin_fg.rco =custom battery pictures
gameboot.pmf= custom start up game screen
ltn0.pgf = custom font
file.bmp = custom background
impose_plugin.rco = custom volume bars


/*File Browser*\
Cross = select file
Triangle = Information about file + possibility to remove file
R1 or L1 = change color
Select = copy file
Square = paste file
Up/Down = move
Circle = go directory up (while in ms0:/ = go to main menu)

/*Put your own instruction manual*\
Up/Down = change letter
Right/left=change position
cross = is finish

/*Othere menus*\
Select = change CPU speed
Up/down = move
Cross = select
Circle = Go back