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CWCheat v0.1.6 Rev I (Official) For 3.10 OE POPS For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 02-15-2007

This is a new version of CWCheat the main change in this version is the memory card manager of which the internal runtimes were rewritten from scratch to be able to work on all the released and yet to release (if sony doesn't do something crazy) psx emulators.

Plus now the code adding directly from cwcheat interface is complete as you can now also add/remove codelines from a cheat in the cheat modification mode.

v0.1.6 REV. I for 3.10 OE/ALL

-rewritten from scratch half of the mc management internal code so now mc should be found in all cases (all emulators/plugins) and most probably also in emulators still not out[POPS]
-now it's possible to remove codelines with SELECT in the cheat modification menu[ALL]
-now it's possible to add codelines with START in the cheat
modification menu[ALL]
-other fixes and little modifications[ALL]