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PS2 MediaPlayer Pro

Uploaded by CJPC - 08-03-2005

Translated from Spanish...

Current Features:
  • Support for CD-Audio
  • Support for CDROM
  • Support for NETWORK (ps2VFS)
  • Support for MASS (it needs I modulate usbd.irx external)
  • and yes, Support for HDD
  • complete Support for users of PS2LINUX with possibility of loading from mc or pendrive and an extra for European with the Network the Disc Access of SCEE
  • New reproducer of MP3 and CD-Audio (MP3 Station)
  • Possibility of retarding or of advancing the audio one (2 seconds), advance and backward movement from pause, etc
  • Added some optimizations of code and corrected some bugs, mainly in bookstores (PS2LIB)

Future Features:

Due to a problem of memory in IOP and that to solve it required it to sacrifice the access to other devices, suppressed the access to network by means of protocol UDP (there was possibility of choosing old TCP and UDP), which is a pain because the network under UDP is but fast much that the access of old network.

The server of UDP, this programmed in necesitaria C and to go to JAVA (so that he is compatible with all UNDER)