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Flash Agent F2 For 3.03 And 3.10 OE For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 02-15-2007

Hallo07 has released version F2 of his Flash Agent app. This homebrew application allows you to clear up the flash chip, change your gameboot, or flash your default settings.

Changes in version F2:

- Dump menu runs at 333mhz
- If you go out dump menu, cpu back setted to 222mhz
- Possibility to flash system_plugin_fg.rco =custom battery pictures
- Possibility to get the original system_plugin_fg.rco back
- Possibility to get the official instruction manual back
- New logo (by M-tuning)
- New AT3
- Start up is faster

flashing may break your PSP, and remember that this flasher app works on 3.03 OE and 3.10 OE only.

Supported Files:

topmenu_plugin.rco = xmb menu (custom icons , menu names)
system_plugin_bg.rco=xmb wave effect
opening_plugin.rco =coldboot
system_plugin_fg.rco =custom battery pictures
gameboot.pmf= custom start up game screen
ltn0.pgf = custom font
file.bmp = custom background