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RipMagic v3.08 For PS2

Uploaded by PS4 News - 01-25-2007

After 1.5 years i decided to release my PS2 DVD Rip Tool!

Maybe ppl think that now it doesn't need anymore but who never know, i don't update my tool since a lot of time but i think it is still a great job (it took me many nights without sleep) and so i decided to release it for public.

I used it to beat many groups involved in the DVD Rip scene (and i beated many), i wanna great them to make me amusing in the rush

RipMagic allows to:

- Patch DVD-Check functions
- Extract/Rebuild most big-files
- Find big-files index tables
- Find LBA Tables
- Analyze the extracted file headers in order to re-link the same kind of files
- Search for dupe files that often make big-files so big and then re-link them
- Extract a filename list and rename extracted files
- Extract/Rebuild multiple-ELF files in order to patch them correctly
...and much more!

A good tutorial is included, let me know it you like it!