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CWCheat v0.1.6 Rev G (Official) For 3.03 OE-B POPS For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 01-15-2007

This is a new version of cwcheat for 303 OE which now since a lot of
revision has again the build for psp games and adds new functions (gme
support, some xploder codes, brightness saving ect) and some fixes. plus
it's available a build which loads the database in a different area so
games like socom which creshed on bootup should work fine again

0.1.6 REV. G for 3.03 OE/ALL

-fixed the code type D1 there was a little bug [POPS]
-brightness reworked a bit now it should be more responsive [ALL]
-brightness is now saved and loaded from file 0 = disabled 1 = 25% 2 =
50% 3 = 75% 4 = 100% [ALL]
-fixed a little glitch in the id reading function which made cwcheat
show om or rom when the executable
was named PSX.EXE. Now PSXEXE is showed [POPS]
-added xploder code types 90, 70 and 00 [POPS]
-now it's possible to read gme memorycard (no save support ATM) press R
to exchange gmemcr [POPS]
-added a build which loads codes from the kernel partition you can use
that as a temporary fix for games
which have problems with the volatile partition (like socom and
-added back support for 302 OE emulator memory cards now it's
automatically detected if it's the 303 OE emulator
or the 302 OE one
-prx for psp games is updated to latest functions [GAME]
-added 32bit search support for builds with GS/AR support: the output
code will be a two line code [POPS]
-All was moved to ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/ so the dh folder isn't needed
anymore [ALL]
-battery temperature is now showed [ALL]
-other things [ALL]