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SMS (Simple Media System) v1.9 For PS2

Uploaded by PS4 News - 12-26-2006

EEUG has released a new version of his media player for PS2. SMS is a DivX and MP3 player for the PS2. Using SMS, you can stream movies and music right to your TV. forget about all the set-top boxes, forget about the 'Media PC', if you have a PS2, you have all the hardware you need.

SMS v1.9 Changelog:

- added SMB/CIFS network protocol. Tested only on Windows XP Pro (SP2)
and Linux/Debian with recent Samba distribution. Only one server
connection is supported (though driver allows two). Network transfer
speed is comparable to host: protocol (if the server supports raw data
transfer (both XP and Linux do), otherwise it will be ~30% slower).
To use this feature perform following steps:
- create SMS.smb text file in a text editor. This file must contain
exactly 5 lines in the following order:
- IP address of the SMB server (ex.;
- name of the SMB server (ex. MyServer);
- name of the PS2 (arbitrary) (ex. MyPS2);
Note: I'm not 100% sure about it, maybe this name
must be listed in 'hosts'/'lmhosts' file;
- user name used for authentication (ex. eugene);
- user password used for authentication (ex. myPassword);
Note 1: blank password is not allowed;
Note 2: - "for individuals that think that harm is occurring, or
is going to occur, to him or her"
- "for individuals that think the persecutor has the
intention to cause harm"
(at least Windows XP Pro(SP2) and Samba on Libux/Debian do
support this (please, don't consider this as advertisement));
- make sure that IP address is correct;
- make sure that SMB server name is correct;
- make sure that SMB server allows connections (i.e. review firewall/router
- make sure that user whose credentials supplied in SMS.smb has appropriate
access rights to connect to the SMB server;
- copy this file to mc0:/SMS folder;
- start SMS; If 'autostart network' option is active, then
deactivate it, save settings and restart SMS;
- goto SMS menu -> Device settings;
- select SMB/CIFS network protocol;
- start network support;
New device icon shall appear as soon as connection to the server is
established (or error message if there's a problem with authentication
etc.). Normally this should occur in 0-10 seconds. There's no need to
start SMB server before SMS, as connection is made automatically (SMS tries
to establish connection to the server approximately each 5-10 seconds).
It's possible to shut down SMB server while SMS browser is active. In this
case SMB device icon will disappear and connection attempts are resumed again.
This can however cause hang, so use this functionaliy at your own risk;
In case of problems use 'ethereal'/'wireshark' software to trace activity on
the server's TCP port 139. New SMB device is browseable starting from share
level (note that shares with '$' suffix in their name (like 'C$', 'ADMIN$'
etc.) are explicitly disabled, so they won't ever appear in the file browser);
- increased packet buffer size in attempt to avoid 'stutter'
(this results longer delays at startup and during scrolling);
- changed '-' and '_' character indentation to prevent overlapping
(thanks to 'shassino' for the remark);
- added UTF8 subtitles support (thank to 'Npl' for the implementation);