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PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.51.0100

Uploaded by PS4 News - 12-08-2006

This DevHook 'Non-Flash Version' is now released by Booster. Translated changes include:

- flash1 bug fix (no more flash1 setting destroyed)
- correcting the trouble of registry initialization repetition
- f0/kd/lflash_fatfmt.prx should be deleted or renamed to avoid the trouble of registry initialization repetition (IMPORTANT to note guys!!)
- vshem: a bug where MENU ON BOOT does not become OFF
- added 3.02 but BOOSTER isn't sure if DH is capable of supporting it.
-some minor fix on japanese installation menu which does not function
-minor changes in umdciso where it spits LOG of ISO access. (i think this is to avoid black screen when booting up DH when a CSO is removed from ms but its still selected)