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PSP UAE v0.62 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 12-06-2006

Originally by MIB.42, today Ric has updated this PSP UAE emulator to version 0.62. PSP UAE is a program which emulates the Amiga 500 console. Changes:

PSP UAE v0.62 Changelog:

- you can now save the amiga mouse pointer position and restore it with a key-combo
- 24 mousestates slots, can be renamed with the amiga keyboard for better assignment
- new option 'Auto Mouse Speed' for setting the speed of the mouse while restoring
must be set faster for screens with higher resolution
- you can toggle the mousespeed with a key-combo
- cd32 buttons can now assigned to key-combos
- joy1 up/down/left/right can now assigned to key-combos
- new option 'CPU to Chipset Ratio"
- new option 'Disable Key Combos"
- new option 'Toggle X & O" (You can now swap X and O for the menu)
- Preset Amiga Configurations added
- quick config combos (See ReadMe)
- Splash Screen added
- dual mouse support
- fixed combos for L+Cross, R+Cross, etc etc
- SaveStates save a config file in the Config folder
- Savestates are now much smaller, due to memory compression being added