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DevHook v0.51 Menu Mod r1 For PSP 3.02 Firmware

Uploaded by PS4 News - 12-06-2006

I made little New Menus to Devhook tnx to Booster I can edit almost anything in Devhook using Notepad

CPU clock added all

Other Menu Looking Better

FW 3.02 Has its own

Autorun you can choose how many sec you want from 1 - 7 sec

You can choose between 3 FW's

3.02 all others removed NOT needed

take the uploaded Devhook and extract it to your MS and then open PSARDumper folder and take psar_dump2 & psar_dump2% to GAME folder and Dump your FW 3.02 then when its done go to root of you MemoryStick take F0 to X/DH/302 and you are done go to devhook and choose FW 3.02 from the LIST then go to Flash Install and Flash to Flash1

Before you Flash Install to Flash1 be sure to Select FW 3.02 from FW list then go to Flash Install

Devhook 0.51 Install Guide with 3.01

This is a step by step guide for installing the new Devhook 0.51 along with 3.01 firmware.

1. Remove all previous devhook files from your memory stick.

2. Copy the devhook 0.51 package to the root of your memory stick. This would be ms0:/ and the three folders should be "dh", "PSP" and "fbm". If you are running 2.71 SE, make sure that the DH051BETA folders are going into the 1.5 GAME folder.

3. Download the 3.01 update at

4. Get PSARDumper from this Web site.

5. Extract the DATA.PSAR from the 3.01 update you've downloaded with a program such as PBP Unpacker. Once thats done, copy the DATA.PSAR over to the root of your memory stick.

6. Run PSARDumper on your PSP, once its loaded up press X to dump a sigchecked 3.01. Once its done your PSP will return to the main menu.

7. Open up your memory stick, you will now see that there is an "F0" folder in the root. Move that to the "301" folder inside of "dh".

8. Launch up devhook and go to "FLASH INSTALL" settings, choose install dh to flash1. DO NOT touch any of the other settings unless you know what you're doing. Please note that if you used a previous devhook version that installed to flash1, you should use the "uninstall DH files from flash1" option before doing this.

9. Finally, choose "FIRMWARE" from the devhook menu and pick 3.01. Now start devhook and you should be good to go!