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DevHook v0.51 AutoBoot 2.71-3.02 FW Mod For 2.71 SE For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 12-06-2006

I have put together some of the recent mods that combine to make an excellent autoboot to 3.02

To install:

1 simply copy contents of this folder to MS0
2 and copy your 3.02 f0 folder to dh/302 overwrite when prompted
3 reboot psp and hold circle (this will bypass autoboot)
4 Once in the dh menu flash f1 config and adjest settings to your prefrence.
5 now start devicehook

To use:

each time you boot your psp. It should boot into devicehook 0.51 with 3.02 emulation [you are bang up to date ]
to access dh menu hold circle on booting the psp.


Props to suloku for the plugin
props to booster for devicehook as we now know it
props to Mesut for the devicehook new menu edit