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DevHook v2.71 + 3.01 FW FULL Hybrid Mod For 2.71SE Users For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 11-26-2006

Ok Guys,

Here's the latest version of our Hybrid Mod for DevHook which allows you to play 2.80+ Games

This time I made 2 Installs- this package contains:

271SE: For 2.71SE Users - DevHook 2.71/3.01 Hybrid for 2.71 SE-B Users

Just place the RAR contents in the root of your freshly formatted MemStick!

Credits go to:

Iguanahak for finding the way to make the Games compatible
Booster for creating DevHook
The Author for DevHook Gui
ChaosZero for breaking his PSP in the attempt to integrate this Mod into SE-B3
and me for the Installs including Wallpaper included in this Release

Have fun with this release!