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Red Kawa File Server v1.0 For PS3

Uploaded by PS4 News - 11-25-2006

Once again, by the same people behind all the "Video 9's" is another great app...A file server that lets you wirelessly view and copy files from your computer to your PS3!

Red Kawa File Server is a free file server developed by Red Kawa. It allows you to view and copy files from your computer (where the server running) to your PlayStation 3 over your wired or wireless computer network.

During our AVC testing, we have found the process of repeatedly moving video files from our computer to the PlayStation 3 to be quite annoying.

Up until now this consisted of:
1. Attaching media (flash memory/USB key/USB HD) to our computer
2. Copying over files
3. Detaching media from computer
4. Attaching media to PS3
5. Playing file (or copying to PS3 HD, then play)

We became sick of all that attaching and detaching, so we wrote some software to allow us to download files directly from our computer to the PS3 HD (or attached media) over our network using the PS3 Web Browser.

Now there is no attaching or detaching invovled:
1. Open File Server in PS3 Web Browser and browse to directory
2. Download files to PS3 HD or attached media
3. Play file

So without further ado, Red Kawa is proud to announce the launch of Red Kawa File Server.

Red Kawa File Server lets you view and copy files from your computer to your video game console.