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CWCheat For DevHook v0.1.6 Revision B For Custom Firmware 2.71 SE-B For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 11-24-2006

By weltall, this is a newscr version which completes the work of REV.A and updates the UMF installer.

Among the changes we have the possibility to change brightness with the
screen button on the four brightness level (0 -> 25 -> 50 -> 75 -> 100
-> 0 -> ...) also with only the battery and the screenshot function is
available in two versions and changeable from the config menu: the fast
version which was builtin in 0.1.6 and the slow but more compatible
version which was builtin in 0.1.6 REV.A. At the moment the only games
affected by problems with the fast version of the screenshot function are
the two GTA so if you don't use them you can disable the compatibility
mode and have a faster screenshot experience

this is the complete changelog:
0.1.6 REV. B for 2.71SE
-now it's possible to use both the screenshot version (the high
speed/less compatible,
and the high compatible/slower version) just by changing the options
in the config submenu
NOTE: the high compatible version is default
-now it's possible to change the brightness by using the screen button
(what's used normally
to change brightness) and put the screen at 0% -> 25% -> 50% -> 75% ->
100% brightness
NOTE: this is disabled as default so if you want it you must enable it
under the config menu
0.1.6 REV. A for 2.71SE
-now the screenshot function can work in two ways (the faster custum
and the more compatible mode from the screenshot prx from nekokabu)
-for this version the screenshot function is locked to the
compatibility mode
it will be setupable in a next version
-the clock is now changed when exiting cwcheat menu (it should fix
games like burnout
locking up cwcheat when changing clock sometimes)
-changed the installer with the coldbird one