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DevHook Screenshot And Video Capture Module v0.4 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 11-21-2006

ADePSP has released a new version of his useful DevHook screen capture module for use on PSP. 4GB memory stick owners will be happy to know that this Screen\Video Capture Module is now supported with the new release of v0.4! Here's the overview:

This is a module for DevHook that extends the functionality of the existing screenshot module. Taking and modifying the code for the Video Recorder from the LCS CheatDevice I have adapted it into a PRX module so it can be used with DevHook.

You are no longer limited to taking animated GIF clips in Liberty City Stories. It can now be done in any game you like. You can even capture out of game clips such as game menus, loading animations and even the XMB.

You can record video in normal mode (half the screen size) or advanced mode (full or quarter screen size) and video files will be saved to the PSP/PHOTO/SVCPlayer folder where as bmp screenshots will be saved to the PSP/PHOTO folder. It is recommended you use normal mode or advanced mode in QUARTER_SIZE for videos as advanced mode in FULL_SIZE slows the game down a lot and makes it difficult to play.

There is a homebrew player for these uncompressed animated gifs now included called the SVC Player. You can find it in the MemoryStick option on the PSP XMB menus. The player can playback all the file sizes supported by the Screen\Video Capture Module but the files MUST be uncompressed. If you edit any of the files or even just save them with another program then they will no longer be playable with the SVC Player.



- Bug fixed to allow users with 4GB mem sticks to use the program