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EBOOT Loader v0.9.9.5 For PSP v2.00-v2.80

Uploaded by PS4 News - 11-16-2006

This is a new version of GTA Loader for PSP. Changes for 2.80 FW PSP users:

1) Support for v2.80 Firmware. v2.80 is still only user-mode support, and there are some minor syscalls that canít be resolved. But in general, the vast majority of user-mode homebrew works fine.

2) This release includes an experimental new way of using GTA Loader, called xLoader. xLoader allows you to run homebrew directly from the PSPís XMB menu, just like on a v1.0 PSP. Usage is a lot like Dark_AleX's HEN C, but the underlying technology is very different. Because itís experimental, and a lot of work to fix up for each firmware, itís currently only supported for v2.80 Firmware, and compatibility is a little lower than standard GTA Loader.

3) You can now use the power switch to enter suspend mode in any homebrew that normally supports suspend mode on v1.5 firmware. This works in GTA Loader on firmware 2.5-2.71, and in xLoader.

4) The built-in PSP on-screen keyboard now works in xLoader.

5) Stability and compatibility is mostly improved over v0.99, although some homebrew is less stable, especially on v2.00 firmware. You may want to keep 0.99 and 0.995 side-by-side on firmware that can run both.