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Boot Protector r1 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 11-14-2006

Password protect your PSP with Boot Protector.
(Note: It doesn't disable the use of the HOME button.)

azy_xbox123 has just released an updated version of Boot Protector. This program requires the user to enter a password at a startup prompt. The password must be five digits, and can be used to prevent any nosy roommates, siblings, or friends from gaining access to your PSP. You'll be very glad to know, however, that Boot Protector has been updated to v1 today, including many security fixes. USB mode has been disabled by popular demand, strengthening the security of the program.

Basic Controls for Boot Protector:
D-Pad: Navigate & Change Password Numbers
Select: Take Screenshot

For 1.50 with HarleyG's Custom Firmware
5x ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/*****.prx

For 2.71 SE
5x ms0:/PSP/GAME/*****.prx

NOTE: 1.50 Users must have the WLAN switch down in order to have the app boot, as this replaces the DEVBOOT.PBP. Also, the previous 2.71 SE exiting problems have been fixed, and is working fine on that firmware.

NOTE 2: The default password coded in is 34903, and the password in the now hidden file is 55555.


1. USB disabled by high demand and higher security!
2. At the MOMENT I am unable to encrypt the files but instead I have hidden the password file and obscured the file type!
3. Slight GFX Update
4. Various bugfixes including the proper exiting on 2.71SE