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DevHook Launcher Mod v1.65c3 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 11-13-2006
Version 1.65c3

- Added Cheat Device 1.0d PRX for GTA-LCS
- Added Cheat Device 2.1a PRX for GTA-VCS
- Added modified MP3 player PRX by AhMan, please note this is not same prx as the mp3 prx comes with IRSHELL
This is a modified version of the opensource MP3 PRX for iRShell. It will play MP3 files from ms0:/PSP/MUSIC (no subdirs). It has random and sequential play modes.

Note + Left Trigger = pause/resume playback
Note + Right Trigger = next song
Note + Square = switch playback mode between random and seqeuntial

- Added USB Host File System server/driver for Windows
- Updated CW Cheat to 0.1.6
- Updated Cheat Master 0.6 alpha
- Updated systemctrl_dh4se.prx from 2.71SE-B3

Vshexmod 1.26
- Added "Add-on Menu" to enable/disable "CW Cheat", "Cheat Master, "Cheat Device LCS", "Cheat Device VCS", "IRSHELL" and "MP3 Player" in game mode, use "SELECT" key to toggle enabled/disabled mode. Please note "IRSHELL" option is only for IRSHELL 2.2SE.

Hi All,

Here is another DEVHOOK launcher mod:

- Based on the TheBuzzer's mod.
- Integrated 0.46 launcher Flash Rom feature (change confirmation button to START).
- Multiple Autorun settings: 1,3,5 seconds and autoboot (Triangle to cancel) - idea from Riedje's mod.
- New screenshotbmp.prx from TheBuzzer
- Cross or Circle to comfirm, Triangle to cancel.
- Show Page x of y for the ISO selection, 12 items per page.
- UMD version moved to other menu
- DEVHOOK 0.46 prx included

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