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X-Flash v16 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 11-05-2006

Art has released a new version of his firmware tweaking tool for PSP v2.71 SE-B, it now mainly has dual firmware support for Custom Firmware.


New for X-Flash V16:
- Dual Firmware Support.
The same program runs on 1.50 and 2.71 SE, and behaves accordingly
after the PSP firmware version is auto detected at startup.
Limited support is provided for 2.71 SE.
- Faster startup checking, and other small fixes.

Currently Supported for 2.71 SE:
- Disable Wave Effect (disables wave effect properly, so you don't
even see it for that second while your wallpaper loads)
- Custom Monthly Backgrounds, including Plain Black Backgrounds.
- Custom Font (sample font included is now the ASCII font).
- Disable Network Update Icon functionality.
- Custom Name Plate picture (Easter Egg "Art" name plate is disabled
in 2.71 SE since only basic pictures work).
- Firmware Dump (At least 21 Mb free space required for 2.71 SE).
- Registry Backup and Restore Tool.
- Custom Gameboots (Plain black gameboot doesn't currently work).
- Free Space game works. I may have to work on a new prize

Currently Disabled for 2.71 SE:
- Debranded intro and gameboot screens (may get fixed).
- XMB Menu Label editor.
- Firmware Version Spoofers.
- Coldboot and XMB sounds (may be fixed in a later version).
- Plain Black PSP About Screens.
- Some Easter Eggs won't work because they rely on version spoofs, detailed name plate picture, etc.