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CWCheat For DevHook v0.1.6 Revision A For Custom Firmware 2.71 SE-B For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 11-05-2006

0.1.6 for 2.71SE-B REV. A
-now the screenshot function can work in two ways (the faster custum mode,
and the more compatible mode from the screenshot prx from nekokabu)
-for this version the screenshot function is locked to the compatibility mode
it will be setupable in a next version
-the clock is now changed when exiting cwcheat menu (it should fix games like burnout
locking up cwcheat when changing clock sometimes)
-changed the installer with the coldbird one 0.1.6 for 2.71SE (this means that screenshots works in gta vcs)
-First port release, removed devhook dependencies, added builtin clock changing