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CodeMajic Express BETA v1.1 For PS2

Uploaded by PS4 News - 10-31-2006

This the latest release of CodeMajic to the public.
It comes with two files including this readme:
- CodeMajicExpress.elf (for PS2)
- CodeMajic Manager.exe (for PC)

- fixed thread issues and optimized code
- loading issues resolved will not hang at "sending codes" or "start game"
- boots from Naplink as well as BOOT.ELF from PS2 indepence exploit

1)Playstation 2 with capability to run homebrew applications. This can include a chipped ps2, or by running the indepence exploit. A broadband connector for PS2 since it's managed from your PC. This will be simplified in future releases with PS2 on-screen code management.

2)Windows OS with the .NET runtime installed for the code manager.

How To
You should be able to load CodeMajic with your favorite ps2 loader being
Naplink, ps2link, xlink, etc. You can also burn an ISO by making a cd with a system.cnf and codeMajicExpress.elf(I'll release an ISO soon).

Once you have CodeMajic loaded there will be a small delay then the main screen showing the PS2 IP address. This is currently working from DHCP so you need to make sure it can find an address on the network. After you see this screen run CodeMajic Manager on your windows system. Make sure the IP matches what CodeMajic says on the PS2. Hit the "Connect" and watch the lower left status bar. It should say "Connected" if everything goes well.

From here just simply paste in your codes into the code list box.
Use this format:

code number one
205ABCD0 03e00008
205ABCD4 00000000

code number two (joker)
D03B87BC 0000F3FF
20566420 24630004

Only leave 1 blank line between codes. You can have text titles like "code number one".

Here are the standard commands supported by CodeMajic:

2xxxxxxx yyyyyyyy : 32 bit constant write
1xxxxxxx yyyyyyyy : 16 bit constant write
0xxxxxxx yyyyyyyy : 8 bit constant write
Dxxxxxxx yyyyyyyy : standard 32 bit compare (jokers)
I will implement more commands in the next release.

Once you are satisfied with the codes hit the "Send Codes" button. You should get a CODES_RECIEVED message back indicating success. Now make sure that your game is in the tray for a few seconds and hit "Start Game". That's it!