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SMS (Simple Media System) v1.8 Rev2 For PS2

Uploaded by PS4 News - 10-27-2006

EEUG has released a new version of his media player for PS2. SMS is a DivX and MP3 player for the PS2. Using SMS, you can stream movies and music right to your TV. forget about all the set-top boxes, forget about the 'Media PC', if you have a PS2, you have all the hardware you need.

SMS v1.8 Rev. 2 Changelog:

- new MPEG audio decoder code. Fast (~40% faster than low precision one in the previous
version), precise (uses floating point calculations) and supports MPEG 1.0 layers 1, 2
and 3. For calculations VU0 (macro and micro modes) and VU1 (micro mode) are used;
Note: layer 1 audio is not tested as I couldn't find any files encoded in this format.
Thanks to 'mpg123' project creators/maintainers for the source code;
- 'ffgriever''s code (.txt subtitles) is integrated (thanks to him (her) for adding some
code into this maze );
- brighness control is updated a bit (if maximum is selected then a fixed value of 32 is
added to each color component to make the whole image "brighter");
- some other internal changes (an attempt to eliminate "choppy playback" at the beginning
of the movie playback (this can result longer pause at movie startup and during scrolling);