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Killzone Liberation (EUR) 347MB PSP RipKit

Uploaded by PS4 News - 10-19-2006

RipKit made by Hjacked

Original ISO Size: 554 Mb
Ripped ISO Size: 383 Mb
CSO ISO Size: 347 Mb


Ripped Out: UPDATE folder, all movies relinked,
multiplayer removed



1.extract your ISO to a new folder
2.unrar my ripkit in new folder Expert Tool folder ExPERT_v106 the only plugin called: psp_Killzone_Liberation_DAT open and select the munge file called: PSP the button number 1, when completed the button number 2, when completed (leave the tool opened) bat file called H-KZL_-_347Mb RipKit yes when requested and when completed
close the window now return to gnie tool button number 3, when completed button number 4 go to PSP_GAME/USRDIR, delete @PSP, PSP and the 2 txt files
13.rename new-psp to PSP (in caps!!!) UMDGen
15.rebuild ISO with UMDGen
16.compress with Cso at Lvl 9