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MyPSPShell v1.0 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 10-03-2006

Cpasjuste has released an early build of his homebrew shell for PSP called MyPSPShell. Here is a brief list of what MyPSPShell do (some things are for sure missing)

Use psp link, so you can connect to the psp with pcterm.exe to send commands. Use config.txt file in "Skin/Default/" directory to edit graphics.

There is a lot of improvements to do, but i'm working on so many things on it and have so much ideas that it take lot of time. One of the last things i'v added is the basic online homebrews/games install, that download 7z'ipped games via HTTP then install them. Users can make their own online homebrew download site by doing this:

- Make a directory named "games" on your Web site.
- Put a file named "games_weblist.txt" in this directory.
- In this file, list the homebrew archives name's line by line, eg : IrShell.7z

Arichves must be in 7zip format and compressed like this:
- Archive : xxx.7z
- Format de l'archive : 7z
- Niveau de compression : Normal
- Type de compression : LZMA
- Taille du dictionnaire : 64 KB
- Taille des mots : 32
- Créer une archive solide : off
- Parametres : f=off

R => Windows Menu
R+UP => Window +
R+DOWN => Window -
Start => Reset
Home => Return XMB
Select => Online Game Install (wifi)
ANALOG Up => Switch usbmass/usbhost
ANALOG Right => Change cpu speed

Triangle => Delete File/Directory
Square => Copy File/directory
Cross => Launch Games Homebrews
Load Custom icon0.png if exist when entering a dir

Cross => Games/homebrews
L => Update Games/homebrews List and extract icon0.png if needed to the no "%" directory

Cross => Launch game

While playing Umd/homebrews games:
Note + Screen => take a screenshot saved in root of the ms.
Note + Volume+ => Remap usbhost0 to ms0, usefull for loading roms from the pc for exemple.
Note + Volume- => Switch usbhost/usbmass.
Note + RIGHT => Change Cpu Speed.