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Work Time Fun (USA) Generic PSP RipKit

Uploaded by PS4 News - 09-20-2006

Here's a generic ripkit for Work Time Fun (WTF). This means you don't have to have a specific iSO file size for it to work.

I decided to make this because it seems like there are a few versions of this game with different file sizes. My other ripkit was filesize specific and a couple people said it didn't work, it was only because their game iSO size was incompatible. In this ripkit I have also added the option to rip Gamesharing.

Choose to rip:
- Videos only
- Videos and Gamesharing

This ripkit also compresses the ripped iSO to CiSO format for use with Devhook.

Installation Notes:
- Rename your iSO to 'wtf_original.iso'.
- Run 'wtf_generic_ripkit.exe' in the same directory as your game iSO.

Thoroughly tested and is working.

Note: If your game iSO is not recognized by UMDGen as a valid PSP iSO just extract the iSO somewhere and rebuild it with UMDGen.