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Ultimate RipKit v1.0 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 09-18-2006

ok guys here is our new (non-BETA) version of the ultimate ripkit

V1 changelog:
this is the first release version
gui has had a complete change
added compression for both dax and cso formats
added Author name for ripkit
added shortcut keys for open iso, apply xdt etc.
option to delete source iso after compression or xdt has been applied

1. extract files from rar
2. open exe
3. select you game from the drop-down menu
4. select the enable compression if you want the iso to compress after rip has been applied.
5. select the compression type/level and NC area if dax
6. tick the box for delete uncompressed iso and source iso (not necessary)
7. click on the open iso button and select your iso
8. click on the output image button if you want to change the default name/directory
9. click on the apply rip and sit back and wait untill its finished, if you have selected
to compress the iso it will compress straight after the iso is ripped