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iR Shell v2.1 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 09-09-2006

Ahman has released a new version of his popular shell application for PSP.

Here is the latest version of iR Shell 2.1 with the following new features:

1. Support 1.0 EBOOT format. (Note: The APP view will not list EBOOTs for 2.x Homebrew that are designed to be launched from Devhook firmware emulation.)
2. Support for __SCE__ naming convension.
3. Both 1.0 EBOOT & SCE naming can be enabled or disabled under iR Configurator. If you don't use these naming convensions, you can turn them off for a faster APP view list.
4. Allow removal of startup splash screen (configurable under iR Configurator).
5. nethostfs server v1.5 is enhanced to allow read only access. This means you can open your PC server to the public without worrying files being deleted. Refer to the user guide for details.
6. File Manager has been enhanced to support mulitple files/directories selections similar to MP3. You can use CIRCLE key to hightlight multiple files or directories and then perform file manipulation on them. You can highlight maximum of 10 files or directories. The mulitple selection will only work under DIR & RDF View. It won't work for APP & SAV views.
7. The location of each view (DIR, APP, RDF & SAV) will be remembered after toggle. Example, switching from DIR View to APP View and back to DIR View. The directory & cursor location will return to its original location before you left. Pls note MP3 Shortcut & DIR Shortcut are also classified as DIR View.

Bug Fix:
- Fix a bug introduced in v2.0 which restarts the current MP3 song when exiting homebrew. Now, the song should continue as usual.