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50 Cent Bulletproof (USA) 209MB + Debug Mode PSP RipKit

Uploaded by PS4 News - 09-03-2006

::: 50Cent Bulletproof G-Unit Edition_USA :::

RipKit made by Hjacked

Original ISO Size: 1,570 Mb
Ripped ISO Size: 244 Mb
CSO ISO Size: 209 Mb

Ripped Out: UPDATE folder, all movies and sounds dummied


Special: Debug Mode enabled

Hi i'm back with some cool news,

Movies and sounds dummied

Into USRDIR foldr there is a config file simply ive modded it now u have the option to select the level + the debug menu that enables cheats and "programmer" cheats

In the menu u can select the level
During a gameplay press start and go under until "Debug" and select---press enable cheats---u can also see other options u go back go to "Options" select "Cheats" and select ur favorite cheats....


1.extract your ISO to a new folder
2.unrar my ripkit in new folder bat file called H-50CB_-_209Mb RipKit yes when requested UMDGen
6.rebuild ISO with UMDGen
7.compress with Cso at Lvl 9