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CS-PSP v0.5 Matrix Edition Mod For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 09-01-2006

Briggzy11 has released his first ever Mod for a PSP homebrew game today, modding CS-PSP in the theme of the popular film trilogy The Matrix. This modification is based on Nataku92's original CS-PSP v0.5 which was released a few days ago. All credit for the original game and the game engine goes to Nataku92. Here's what Briggzy11, the modder behind this sci-fi shoot 'em up said:

The Mod is of the matrix and the level that loads up is very similar to the marble fight room in the first matrix film. All textures have been edited, the players on both sides consist of Agents Vs Good guys (AKA Neo and Posse) and most of the GFX have been changed. Briggzy11 has also changed the music and the EBOOT of the game to give it that extra professional touch. This mod plays really well, just like the original game did and of course will be popular with the millions of Matrix fans out there!