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Angband For PSP v0.4

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-22-2005

Gendal has released a new version of Angband for PSP. He says: Going to go ahead and release v0.4. It's mostly bugfixes and code cleanup, along with a pretty nice speed improvement as far as memorystick access is concerned. Similar to the previous releases by Abszero, I stuck in the 1.0 and 1.5 binaries, though I have no way of testing the 1.0.

* Loading and saving should be much faster now, as well as responsiveness in
the help system

* Removed overclock during loading, no longer necessary with general speed

* Removed all fixed path's in code. Should now be possible to rename
directory to whatever you please. Note older versions are unable to
operate in anything other than an "Angband" directory

* PSP bmp screen dump will now ask for a filename. Loading screendumps will
not work however.

* If an error causes Angband to call it's quit function, pause and let the user
see the error, as well as exit more gracefully.

* Fixed local mktime implementation which would sometimes result in
regenerating the template files when it wasn't really necessary.