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CSPSP (Counter-Strike) v0.5 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 08-19-2006

Nataku92 has released his homebrew game CSPSP v0.5 today. As some of you would have already noticed, this game is based on Valve's amazingly popular first person shooter Counter-Strike. In the game you are a counter-terrorist and you have to run around the map shooting the bad guys. There isn't any bomb defusal to be done in this game, it's pure deathmatch and as of yet you cannot change sides.

Here's the full feature list:

- Renders an infinitely large tilemap as long as the size of the map file and textures doesn't exceed the PSP's memory
- Accurate collision detection between the player and walls (the player is represented as a circle and the walls as line segments). Note that this collision detection system is NOT tile-based and can model any polygon (including circles if you use enough line segments)
- Shooting system plus recoil with different types of guns though configs for the m4a1 and ak47 are included in this version.
- Basic team gameplay finished

Although it doesn't borrow any textures or sprites, this game really does feel like counter-Strike. The team aspect of the legendary PC title remains and you fell part of the team, although the AI aren't that great yet, it's the only thing that puts this game down at the moment, as they don't always help you. Sometimes they get stuck on walls or each other which is probably due to collision detection between players being incomplete. That's something to hope for in the next release!