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Z-Mix v3.0 Final For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 08-16-2006

By Zion, this is the final verion of Z-Mix, it now encorporates title screen, and enables you to choose from two sets of picture slideshows and music. To customize with your own sounds and music....

Pictures - Make sure your pictures are 480 x 272 & in jpeg format.

Put all of the pictures you want to change in the two folders, the first ten pictures in the "set1" folder, the next ten in the "set2" folder.

Name the pictures (eg. slideshow1, in other words exactly as they are in the folder) and place them in the folders, as stated above.

Music - First of all, download a music program called "Modplug Tracker". install it and open the program.. Now, load your .wav or .mp3 file with modplug tracker. and rename it to "music1" (without ") or "music2" (without "), and place them in either (for music1) set1 folder or (for music2) set2 folder. Then just load Z-Mix and enjoy! To quit, use the home button.