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PSP2Joypad v0.2 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 08-10-2006

Stefano updated PSP to Joypad which allows you use the PSP as a PC controller via WiFi. Translated Changes:

It's possible the program to qualify or to disabilitare to chosen analogic in its the two aces X and Y and to set up the sensibility (being put the sensibility to the maximum will have the same effect of the pad digit them).

It's also possible to select the IP to which connecting the PSP directly from the same Homebrew without editare some rows.

Moreover, to set up the type of those adopted a position in the PSP trÓ logon. Finally, it's possible to disable the echo of the keys. This will be possible to avoid the lag of the keys that in some games could have an undesired effect.