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DevHook v0.46 AutoBoot Mod r3 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 08-10-2006

NoneUI Boot DevHook / Modify from Booster's DH046SDK

* U can use it with Custom Firmware (For some reason, Custom Firmware isn't included)
* Autoboot default is off, U can set it to enable in "other menu"!

Change Log:

* CheatMaster added (Create by aeolusc From, it does work with most game as I test !
* U can call the cheat menu by press Ltrigger + Rtrigger + Select (it doesn't interrupe with screenshot module)
* CheatMaster Setting Adde, u can set it on or off in DH menu
* Setting file split to devhook.ini(the original one) and modsettings.ini just like the GUILancher(I think it's great!)
* USB host function fixed
* The position of items in the DH optimized
* add other tiny modify...

R2 (features added to R3 release)
* add unit tip, there's a comment line under the screen when you make some selection
* USB host added
* Autorun Setting Added, and default to off, if u like the non-ui boot, turn it on
* Setting file renamed to ms0:/dh/devboot.ini avoid to interrupt with other mod DH
* add other tiny modify...

Source code are included......