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PSP Revolution Loco Roco Style v1 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 08-09-2006

MonkeyBoy1916's latest creation might tickle your fancy as he proudly brings to all of you, Loco Roco lovers, the PSP Revolution Loco Roco Style v1.

The developer mentioned to us that he "modded everything to have a locoroco feel to it, but since there are very few locoroco songs available i could only include 2, once more are available i will add them to LocoRoco Style.." Yes, there are only two songs - Loco Roco Demo and Evil Theme, but once you start playing, you'll easily forget that inadequacy because you're already getting amused by the Loco Roco feel of the game.

Anyway, there is definitely more room for improvement (which means more Loco Roco) for this app in its next release. MonkeyBoy1916 would also like to apologize about the delayed release of Anime Style v4, but he promises that it would be worth the wait "as it has about 20 new songs and 5 new Anime's". For now, let the PSP Revolution Loco Roco Style v1 melt your hearts.