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LTE3D Engine SDK v1.1 For PSP

Uploaded by PS4 News - 08-09-2006

LTE has has rolled out the latest update of 3D Engine SDK. This homebrew application features:

3D Engine
Mixed 2D + 3D
Powerful and customizable 2D GUI
Character animation system
Particle effects
Dynamic Lights
Powerful 2D with alpha, blend, etc..
Six image formats supported
Eight mesh formats supported
Fonts support
Collision and physics integrated
Powerful terrain system

The latest version, LTE 3D Engine SDK v1.1, changelog includes:

Fixed buffer overflow which was making PSP crash
Improved the engine virtual mouse and keyboard
Added three new style for the fps camera
Added the audio driver for audio playing


It's always good to read the readme file before installing this or any other application, you must read it especially when you're running under win32 and are planning to use this one. To use the LTE 3D Engine you must have Toolchains installed.

Run the Makefile contained in the same directory of this file, and include files and libraries will be installed in your computer.
You can find documented examples in this archive that will explain you the basic of this engine here. To run examples you have to extract the in your ms0:/ folder. Compile the example doing 'make' or 'make kxploit'.