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PSP Image Converter v0.6.2

Uploaded by CJPC - 06-27-2005

PSP Image Converter v0.6.2 is pretty self explanatory; it converts images into resolutions optimal for the PSP.

Changelog from v0.5.1 through v0.6.2

-Miscellaneous bugfixes
-Made the main window non-resizable
-Added icon to the main window
-Added Windows XP 'Look & Feel' (or Theme :P)
-Corrected major bug introduced in v0.5: Image would default to 1x PSP Resolution, even if other option was selected!
-Corrected progress dialog to be more accurate
-Reduced memory usage
-Corrected bug where program wouldn't exit correctly after converting
-Added 'Open Images' button..
-Added more resizing options (including 'Rotate Only')