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USBLink r2 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-24-2006

Ok, Thanks to Nanaki123 for the source code. I was able to update this to the max.

Edit Fix: v 1.0.2

1. Bug Fix Directory - INI open.
2. Put in ISO folder Selection - Requested.
3. Code Clean up.
4. Added in: Auto hide form - INI save - Works on next open.
5. Added in: usbhostfs_pc.exe Only opens till OK is clicked.
6. Added in: Close of usbhostfs_pc.exe and re-open for proper re-selection of ISO directory.

Original Fix Includes: v1.0.1

1. Working INI Save/Read settings.
2. Working INI Drive Save/Read settings.
3. Multible Usbhostfs opening - No Longer. Only opens One now.
4. Auto Close of Usbhostfs when App closes.
5. Added in File list of "ISO CSO DAX".
6. Added in Auto hide usbhostfs - INI save - Works on next open.
7. Removed System Tray OCX.
8. Removed invalid code.

This file is now A must have for you USB ISO hosters on the PC.


1. 0pen PSP USB Link.exe
2. Select the ISO folder
3. Click OK to Execute commands
4. Start Dev Hook USB / UMD
5. Select ISO/CSO

Play Enjoy!!!